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Athletic Forms

Dear Parents:
In order to protect your child, it is imperative that appropriate guidelines are strictly adhered to for the smooth operation of our athletics program. The first step in making the system work, for the betterment of our children, is in the initial stage prior to their participation. They must have a sport physical and emergency form submitted. Please ensure that these task are completed well in advance,so that a student athltete will have every opportunity to make the team by starting on time. If you have any questions regarding our program, do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Adkins, Athletic Director at your earliest convenience.
An annual completed emergency form must be submitted to the Athletics Director or desiginee prior to the first day of tryouts or practice.
Each student trying out for sport must have an annual sports physical that is administered and signed by a physician before they participate. This form should be taken to the physician, completed and given to the Athletics Director or designee before the first tryout or practice date.