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Service Requirements for Holly Grove Christian School

Service is an important part of the educational process at Holly Grove Christian School. As Christians we need to practice the Biblical principle of serving others. Our goal is for HGCS students to have an opportunity to be of service to the community.
Each high school student, as approved by the school board policy, will be required to perform 20 hours per year of unpaid service to a pre-approved school, church, or community organization. The total amount of hours of service required for four years of high school at HGCS is 80 hours. All projects must be submitted to the principal for prior approval and can be started after completion of seventh grade. Examples of acceptable projects include: church work, school or community service project, volunteer service at a hospital or nursing home, helping the needy, mission trips or projects, etc. A documentation form will be provided to the student when the project is approved. Since this is a graduation requirement, diplomas will be withheld until service hours are completed. Students may volunteer for more than 20 hours of service per year. Any additional hours per year will be counted toward the total of 80 hours.
Click here for the Community Service Form.
Basic Requirements
1.Complete all service hours required.
2.Submit documentation of service with proper signatures. Forms can be obtained at the school office or guidance office or by clicking here. Only proper forms will be accepted.
3.All 20 hours for one year may be completed at a single location. No single location can count for more than 20 hours a year.
4.During the school year, students who volunteer to assist teachers and staff may earn no more than 10 hours total service in that capacity. Students who are teachers aids and receive credit cannot count that as community service..
5.A documentation form must be submitted for each site at which service is completed.
6.Parents/guardians may not fulfill these requirements for their children.
7.Some community service or civic organizations will not be approved if their stance on moral issues are in opposition to the mission and purpose of Holly Grove Christian School.
8.Transferring student hours: Students transferring in to HGCS will have required hours based on number of years at HGCS. Students transferring in as:
 Freshman are required to complete 80 hours of service. (20 per year)
 Sophomores are required to complete 60 hours of service. (20 per year)
 Juniors are required to complete 40 hours of service. (20 per year)
 Seniors are required to complete 20 hours of service.