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Holly Grove Christian School’s mission statement is that we “partner with families to provide excellence in Christ-centered academics by preparing students to live God-honoring lives.” In keeping with this mission, the HGCS Curriculum Committee evaluates and chooses textbooks and other educational materials carefully to meet our primary academic objective of promoting academic excellence.

In the past several years, much has been discussed concerning the Common Core State Standards and we are aware that parents may have concerns about this issue. HGCS, as a private school, is not required to conform to these standards, nor do we intend to do so. We believe that our school has a higher set of standards than the Common Core, standards we began with 38 years ago and continue to maintain today. These standards have produced consistent results, with HGCS graduates outperforming other Maryland students on standardized testing and succeeding in college and future careers.

We continue to choose textbooks and materials that meet the needs of our educational plan for each grade and subject. We carefully evaluate the content of new textbooks and choose the one that best fits the objectives the individual teacher has for each class. There is no “perfect” curriculum; we trust our teachers to not just teach the curriculum, but to teach to the high standards we espouse. Our goal is to choose the book we believe best fits our course goals regardless of labels, so that we can continue to prepare students for their future educational and career goals. We believe our student performance on tests and in higher education speaks for itself, and we have no intention of changing to Common Core now or in the future.