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Financial Policies

Tuition Philosophy
The Holly Grove Christian School Board prayerfully sets tuition rates every year. The goal is to balance the budget and offer an excellent academic program at the lowest possible cost. The rates of Holly Grove Christian School are lower than other Christian schools of the same size in the area.
Release of records
For students transferring out of HGCS, student records will be released when all accounts are paid in full.
Tuition and fee payment options
Pre-payment: Families that prepay the annual tuition and bus fees by August 10 will receive a 2% cash discount.
Installment plan: Families that do not prepay the entire annual tuition and bus fee must establish an 11 month payment plan with SMART tuition. Payments begin in August and end in June. There is a $50 fee for this service which is added to the first payment.
Click here to go to the SMART tuition website.
Early Withdrawal
August and September tuition and bus fees are non-refundable. In the event of withdrawal, suspension or dismissal from HGCS prior to October 1, all of August and September tuition and bus fees will be owed. If a student withdraws after September 30, families will be liable for 100% of the tuition and bus fees for the month in which the student withdraws.
Late Payments
Late fees will be assessed when a payment is 10 days late. When accounts are 45 days delinquent, students represented by the account will not be allowed to attend school until the account is current. In the event that an account is referred to a collection agency, all associated collection fees and court costs will be added to the delinquent account. Returned checks will be assessed a $20 fee from the school.
Athletic Fee
There is a $75 sports fee for each sport that a student participates in.
Financial Aid
A limited amount of funds are set aside every year to assist families unable to meet tuition payments. The amount of the financial aid provided is based on the need of the applicants. The aid is for students in K-5 through twelfth grade. This budgeted amount is established by faith. We believe God's people will contribute money to help others. Financial aid applications can be picked up at the school office beginning March 1st each year. All applications must be submitted by April 15th. A determination of financial aid will be made by June 1st.
Current Rates
Application fee $150 per student
Re-registration fee $125 per student
Sibling Registration fee $125 per student
Book fee $150 per student
2017 / 2018
1 student grades Pre-K-12 $4,851
2 students grades Pre-K-12 $8,910
3 students grades Pre-K-12 $12,573
4 students grades Pre-K-12 $16,214
(other fees may be assessed)
Bus Fees
Registration (family): $50
Annual Bus Fee
1 student round trip $1,012 per year
2 students round trip $1,595 per year
Family (3 or more students) round trip $2,024 per year
One way fares are 1/2 price.