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Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement
Holly Grove Christian School partners with families to provide excellence in Christ centered academics by preparing students to live God honoring lives.
Vision Statement
Under Godís direction, Holly Grove Christian School will focus on the studentís spiritual, academic, social and physical development. Our goal is for students to enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ and become mature disciples of His Word. Since our main objective is to glorify God, we commit ourselves to lead by example in scholarship, vocation and lifestyle.
Spiritually - The school endeavors to:
 * bring students to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
 * help students to become an effective witness.
 * teach students to be well grounded in the Word of God.
 * help students develop a Biblical worldview to deal with issues.
 * help students defend their faith.
 * encourage students to develop Christian character.
Socially - The school endeavors to:
 * encourage students to treat people with respect.
 * develop student self confidence.
 * encourage students to be involved in community service.
 * recognize and respect studentís individual differences.
 * help students develop healthy relationships and choose friends wisely.
 * encourage age appropriate relationship with opposite gender.
Physically - The school endeavors to:
 * promote good student exercise habits, healthy diet and proper amount of sleep.
 * help students develop good self-esteem and a positive body image.
 * help students develop balance between competition and fun.
 * offer students an excellent physical education and athletic program to students.
 * promote positive stress release.
 * teach students that the body is a temple of God.
Academics - The school endeavors to:
 * promote academic excellence by challenging students to do their best.
 * encourage students to have good study skills.
 * encourage students to love to read.
 * encourage students to develop good time management skills and study skills.
 * help students develop good writing skills across the curriculum.
 * help students master basic math facts.
 * help students develop critical thinking skills.
 * encourage student creativity.
 * develop business and life skills for students.